Eye Energy

If you’re playing Road Gold, then undoubtedly you will come across various forms of Eye Energy. Items on the floor that detract the eye and mislead you into thinking they could be money.

Here’s a visual list of items that have caused both myself and Tiffany varying amounts of frustration across our year.


Blanks come in varying sizes and colours but can always be counted on to annoy and frustrate. We’ve found bronze ones, silver ones and even cardboard ones. Here’s just a few examples of the misleading swines.


Whenever we find one, we do our best to take it off the road and bin it so that it can’t get us again in the future.



Gum is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. It’s gross, horrible stuff and occasionally it forms almost perfect circles that from a glance make you believe that they’re money. I think they believe they are money sometimes.

Don’t chew it ! If you do, put it in the bin, don’t contribute to the filthing of the land with it.



Bottle Tops

Like gum, bottle tops are everywhere. Unfortunately, due to the way that they flatten, they have a tendency to look similar to a £2 coin. We’ve been caught out no end of times believing we’ve found a 2 pound coin, whereas what we have found is frustration.




Like blanks, these come in different sizes and colours and we often mistake them for 5p’s or 10p’s. Horrible things. Remove them from the road to help you in the game and to help clean our land.



Lids, Seals and Caps

These aren’t seen as often but when one does catch your eye, you’ll initially think you’ve spotted something nice, then when you inspect, it’s more trash!




And for the comedy but hey, you will come across literally dozens of them…..


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