The Rules

Game Length
The Game runs a whole year from the 1st June to 31st May.

Claiming Road Gold
The first person to call “MONEY” when seeing a coin/note claims it. They can then pick it up and add it to their collection.

If you pick up some money without calling “MONEY” and then tell the other person playing (because they hadn’t seen it), that also then becomes yours via a non-verbal claim.

So, if 2 of you see a coin at the same time, only the person who says “MONEY” has the right to claim it. Good luck, be honest and no arguing !

A Witnessed Drop
If you see someone drop a note or a coin, you MUST offer it back to them.

Plop Duty
If you are playing the game with someone and if one of you has to pick up a dog poo whilst walking your dog, any finds during this “pick-up” period are shared equally.


Where to Look

A great place for lost coins are the checkout areas of shops, specifically supermarkets. It seems a lot of people have no time for picking up an accidentally dropped penny.

Road Crossings
A fantastic place for money is the grit area of a road crossing – so that area to the left or right of the crossing. A lot of money dropped into roads will often be kicked into those grit areas by cars. The coins are often not in great shape. A word of warning though, be careful when collecting !



Road Gutterings
Not only are crossings great, the area just off the pavement drop are also perfect for accumulating coinage. Again, like above, be careful when collecting !

night find


Car Parks
Another great place for money finding is a car park. There are so many out there and there always seems to be a rogue penny or two sitting there awaiting collection. They don’t seem to be found by people because more often than not, they’re not looking at the ground, they’re looking to their car.

Glossary of Terms

Money that has clearly been sitting for a while and is either extremely dirty or very rusty.
A piece of metal Eye Energy similar in size and colour to a coin but is in fact just a metal off-cut.
Eye Energy
An item on the ground (normally small and circular in nature, such as a washer or bottle top) that draws your eye and thus steals a little bit of your energy.
Further information here.
A large number of coins found in a small area or single location. We settled on 5 as the minimum number to form a hoard.
A word to describe that you are playing the game. For example, “I’m just off out to go moneying”.
Road Gold
Any money that you find on the floor, discarded or lost by someone else.


If you’d like to run your own Road Gold game, feel free to download this Blank Spreadsheet and put it to good use.

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