Results 2014-2015

The final results are in and are as follows :-

In total, we found £84.02 for the 2014-2015 game. A massive amount and way above what we expected. I thought we’d only get to about £24 and Tiff thought we’d only hit around £2-£3 !


Tiff won the Gold medal with a total English currency find of £57.09 !

I won Silver with the most English coin finds, 338 of them.

Tiff won the Bronze with most non English coin finds, 11 in total.


To see the Statistics for the whole year, please check out the Statistics Page.


We’ve decided to do another year to see if we can beat this year. Plus we want more fun of course.
We’re yet to decide what we want to do with the money. But first, comes the banking of it all. Let’s see what and how much the bank takes. New post coming soon !

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