Stats 2015-2016

Here are the statistics for the 2015-2016 Road Gold game.

In total, we found £45.31, of which I found £32.84 and Tiff found £12.47.
Here are the results broken down by player and month.


As you can see, between us we found a superb 550 English coins, 1 English note, 67 other coins and 1 other note.

The monthly totals are summed as below :-


Below is the breakdown of coins found


And finally, here’s a bar chart to show value per month.


Our average find was £0.08, which is significantly done against last year’s £0.14. Bear in mind however, that if last year you take out the big outlyer of £40, the true average was £0.06.

Let’s not us forget Ghost, who racked up a total “find” of £0.14 over 9 coins. He won’t be happy with his performance being down on the year before.


On an overall basis, most coins were found on open stretches of road, be that in the centre of the road or the side by the guttering, 120 to be precise. A further 40 were found at road crossings and 23 on the pavement.

Tesco’s was massive for us and produced 54 finds inside, 20 in the car park and 3 in the arcade machines outside.

Car parks and petrol stations did very well and they provided for us a healthy 67 finds.

Money Road went from strength to strength, providing us with 123 finds, totalling £3.22. Unfortunately for us, it looks as if that avenue of coin collecting is gone for the future.

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