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We’ll come back

Yesterday we took a long walk around the area – over 2 hours walking.
Well, we didn’t find any money until late in the walk and then it wasn’t obtainable as it was behind a tall locked gate out of arms reach. It looked like Ghost would receive his 2nd coin of the day, adding to the non-obtainable penny I saw in Tesco earlier.

A plan was formed.

So, on to today, Tiff got a magnetic whip from her yard and off we went towards that elusive 5p. Not far from my house I found a penny hiding by a little dirt mound, the coin Gods were smiling.

We get to the gate and then here’s what happened.


The coin snapped satisfyingly against the whip and she was 5p up. Ghost was upset :)
Either way, it was the first coin to be obtained with the assistance of a tool.

We carried on our walk and about 10 minutes later, the snap of coin against magnetic whip was heard for the 2nd time as she collected a 2p. Handily at the same time, I also shouted MONEY as I found a 1p just yards away.

Day ended, Road Gold of 9p collected.

Angie’s Flat

We plan a visit to Ross to see Tiff’s friend Angie and to give her Christmas gifts. Tiff finds 5p in her new car in a compartment near the steering wheel.
That’s free money without even trying !

In Ross, I find a 2p and a 1p and then we head to Angie’s flat. There, Ghost bags another penny as it’s seen on the floor there. She must be rich if she can throw around these coins so liberally 😉


Ghost Money

On our way to Tiff’s birthday lunch meet in Ross, I see a 5p on the side of the road from the car.

Later, Tiff sees a 5p in Angie’s flat !!

Both are coins that we saw but couldn’t get (or wouldn’t be allowed in Angie’s coin’s case) but allowed Ghost to increase his amount by 10p.


Coin Return

I find the second pound coin of the game when Tiff and I travel to Ross to see a friend for her birthday. We stop in a shop to get her a gift and birthday card and I look around, as you do, for money and then after Tiff checks the floor of the photo booth, I go in there and check the coin return. MONEY !

Further up the road on Ross High Street, we spot a 10p coin on the floor of the entrance way to a shop. Tiff spots it and is off after it. It’s a cruel “ghost” coin as someone has glued it to the floor – presumably for a joke so that the staff of the shop could watch people all day attempt to pick it up. Tiff was not pleased – we couldn’t shift it.


Wedding 5p’s

At the Wedding evening do of one of Tiff’s friends, the 5p’s were calling to us.

First off, underneath a picnic table I saw 2 silver coins but couldn’t get to them because people were sitting at it. I thought they were 10p’s initially.
About 30 minutes after first spying them, the coast was clear for me to make a cheeky move. I went to the toilet (the excuse) and on the way past, bent down and picked up just one coin – the first 5p. (Somebody else must have noticed the other coin and picked it up !! – how rude) – Ghost claims another coin !

Later on, we walked around the car park and Tiff too found a 5 pence piece.


Alton Towers

9 days into the game and I still hadn’t found a single coin, whilst Tiff was cleaning up, finding pennies here, there and everywhere.

Alton Towers made up for that though – after our first ride, the Nemesis, I found a penny in one of the tree beds. Nice ! I was on the scoreboard.

Later on, I found a nice shiny 10p coin in one of the large open paved areas. Tiff saw it too but I shouted “MONEY” first and thus it was mine :)

In the queue for the Smiler, Tiff came into her own, finding two 2p pieces and another 2 Euro cents coin. We also saw what we coined (pun intended) “Ghost money” – a coin that you could see but couldn’t get to. It was over one of the large metal gated barriers – a nice shiny 20p. The thoughts we had of climbing to get to that – that would push whoever was brave enough into a nice lead. The thought though of all of the other people in the queue seeing you scav for a 20p coin put me off. Couple that with the fact that we could be thrown out over a 20p. Not worth it.
Ghost continued his good fortune and racked up another 2 pennies, again, seen behind gated areas…… he was doing better than us !

Later on, Tiff found a cheeky little 5p coin in one of the main walkways, stopping mid stride and shouting “MONEY”, people behind almost piling into her. I think you have to ! :)