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May 2015 Results

The results for May are in :

50 English coins found, totalling £1.73.
The most coins found in a single month.
Plus a fiver ! – his first note.

22 English coins found, totalling £0.84
Plus 1 old English coin – a farthing.

Between us £7.57.

A great 72 English coin haul to end the last month with

final (2)

Recovery and the final money

For the last week, Tiff has been ill so there hasn’t been a final push of planned walks to increase our coffers.

As it was the last day of the month however, we did try one small walk near to my house to visit some waste ground – there Tiff found a nice 20p and made her smile to help her get over her illness and get her strength back.

On the way back to my house, I come across a rogue penny.

The game is complete for this year !


Clean Roads

On a walk to the Whittle to go and get some evening eats, I find 1p but also notice that most of the roads have been swept so the grit is gone.
Grit in the middle of the road is a natural sluice for catching Road Gold – with it gone, our chances of finding coins near to my house diminishes.

Later on in the evening, walking Nibs, I do however find a nice succulent 20p on the pavement. Try and sweep that you big sweepy machiney swines !

Cheltenham Money

We have a free evening and so decide to travel to do some moneying. We get in the car and head to Cheltenham, park up, then take a walk.

I find 17p (6 coins) and Tiff finds 7p (3 coins) – Nibs did a ghost shit. Which was so funny, in that to say he bent down and nothing came out. He’s fine by the way.

On fire

Tiff and I take a leisurely stroll to Mum and Dad’s house to look at some pictures she’s drawing for us. On our way there I find 4 coins (5p total).

Later on we take Nibs out for his usual and I find a further lot of money, 2 x 5p. I’m on fire today ! Red hot money finding.

And there’s more !

Following my success in Tesco’s earlier, I head on over to see Tiff after her work shift. While she’s finishing up the last few lessons, I head on out with Nibs and I find 11p – 7 coins ! All rather grim in appearance, but they’d been on the road in grit for what looked like years. Either way, it’s cash in the game !


Virgin Paper

Food shopping it is then ! So off I pop to my local Tesco’s for some eats.

Tesco luck is back on my side as I find 1p on way in. I see another penny on the way out but can’t stop as I have a full trolley, so I go to my car and fill it up. I debate to myself whether or not I should bother going back in for a penny. But I do.

So I go back in and on my way past the self-service checkouts I see another penny too plus what I thought was paper trash. I grab some chocolate so that I have a legitimate excuse to get to the till and queue up. It’s my turn and luckily my the checkout that I wanted to go to becomes free. I bend down to pick up the penny and that’s where I see that thing of beauty, my first paper note, a fiver. It had been there a while as I thought it was trash on my way in, so I wouldn’t have been able to pair it back to it’s rightful owner – so it just went in my pocket !

Then I quickly go and grab the other penny and I leave Tesco’s that day with £5.03 !


The Return

Yet another long evening walk provides a super amount of road gold to increase our found wealth. We end up at Tiff’s hoard area and she finds 12p (10 coins) plus the first old money, a 1 farthing coin. She just loves that car wash ground !

I meanwhile, find 8p (7 coins).

A nice amount of Road Golding to satisfy our hunger.


Bus Stop

A couple of days ago I’d seen from a car window a new “money road” on our way home from a football game in Longford. A smaller incomplete roadway with no traffic allowed down it, so I suggested to Tiff that we could do that and hopefully find more money. So we walk along Longford Lane scouring the roads and car parks along the way.

I find 5p and Tiff finds the first ever bus stop money as she collects 2p from a bus stop. We’ve waited almost an entire year to find money at a bus stop !

We hit Money Road 2 and look hard but there’s nothing there – a BIG disappointment.

Later that night however, I restore faith in ground as I find 2 x 20p outside the Gloucester Quays cinema after watching Avengers 2.