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Note this !

So over the weekend I attended Star Trek Destinations 2016 in Birmingham at the NEC.
Now with thousands of people out and about, it was almost a guaranteed money-tastic venue.

Unfortunately, there was not a coin to be seen. Not a single blighter. Almost as scarce as the lack of merchandise stalls and atmosphere at the “convention”.

Despite saying I wouldn’t, I ended up buying a couple of prints to go and get signed by some of the cast of DS9. First up was Nicole De Boer, who played Ezri Dax.
Standing in the queue I saw a fiver on the floor in front of me, right by the person in front. She left after receiving her autograph and I asked if she had dropped the note. She hadn’t. WIN !

First note to me !

Anyhow, Nicole signed “Koit” wrong and whilst erasing the y, which she put instead of i, she said “I gave it a good rub”. Perfect.



Today was really hot and we headed out to Robinswood Hill for a nice walk with Nibs. It was super lush in both weather and look of the area and it rapidly became one of my favourite hill spots.

Nibs decided to christen the new walk with a cheeky plop, which Tiff carried for a while (in a bag mind !). Anyhow, walking the perimeter of the hill I saw a red poo bin through the trees and so we headed to an adjoining park to deposit Nibs’ load. Towards the bin was an empty car park and scouting (as we do) for coins, something caught my eye. I thought it might be a fiver, then changed my mind and walked on. About a yard up, I stopped, went back and picked it up. It was a folded up tenner !! BONUS.

Unraveling it, I saw it was damaged and dirty.

Later on I checked on the Bank of England’s website and saw they had a procedure to claim against damaged notes. So I did and got paid the £10. Win.

First note of the 2015-2016 campaign.


Virgin Paper

Food shopping it is then ! So off I pop to my local Tesco’s for some eats.

Tesco luck is back on my side as I find 1p on way in. I see another penny on the way out but can’t stop as I have a full trolley, so I go to my car and fill it up. I debate to myself whether or not I should bother going back in for a penny. But I do.

So I go back in and on my way past the self-service checkouts I see another penny too plus what I thought was paper trash. I grab some chocolate so that I have a legitimate excuse to get to the till and queue up. It’s my turn and luckily my the checkout that I wanted to go to becomes free. I bend down to pick up the penny and that’s where I see that thing of beauty, my first paper note, a fiver. It had been there a while as I thought it was trash on my way in, so I wouldn’t have been able to pair it back to it’s rightful owner – so it just went in my pocket !

Then I quickly go and grab the other penny and I leave Tesco’s that day with £5.03 !


I think she has won

Tiff finds ours and her second, third, fourth and fifth notes as she finds 4 tenners in a bundle! Can’t tell you where as it’s a secret ! Sshhhhhh.
(She didn’t steal it from a bank though, so don’t worry)

I think she has the 1st place prize sewn up and fair play to her. Astonishing.