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September 2014 Results

September’s results are in :

34 English coins found, totalling £1.02

36 English coins found, totalling 2.57
Plus 3 other coins and the honour of finding the first 50p piece.

A great 73 coin haul !

Well between us, a quality £3.59.


Cinema Gold

On our way to the cinema to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, we only needed to find a further 20p in order to reach £16.00 for the 4 months of the game to date.

Tiff finds 2p at the old Gloucester cinema site and then I push us over that line with a 20p on the same ground. We’re finding an average of £4 a month :)

Later on a Nibs walk, I find 1p.


Road Gold

On a late evening walk around Brockworth trading estate, I find 12p (1 ten pence and 2 pennies) and a shopping trolley token, Tiff finds 6p (5p and a penny).

Talking about the game whilst we’re out walking (which is what we often do), Tiff coins the term “archive” for old dirty money. Money that’s been somewhere for ages and has built up a nice patina (as the American Pickers would say)

During the same conversation, I coin the term “Road Gold”.


Isle of Man

Tiff finds 1p in Tesco Brockworth by the checkouts.

Later we walk over Nut Hill with Nibs on a lovely sunny day and I find a 2p coin. Tiff then finds a 1p Isle of Man coin !!

Both coins found in a field gateway completely in the countryside, far from where you’d expect a coin to be hiding. Yet there they were.



Self Service Coins

Supermarkets are amazing for Road Golding. You simply have to turn up and look and most of the time you will find coins.

A simple shopping visit allows me to find 11p in Tesco’s by the self service checkouts.

Earlier in the day Tiff finds 1p too.


Money Road – The Sequel

With Tiff’s Mum over from the States we decided to take a late night walk to Money Road to see if there was any more coins we missed. On the way, Tiff finds 5p and I found 1p.

At Money Road, Tiff found 29p (10 coins) and Paul found 16p (7 coins)

Just after, and just outside of Money Road, Tiff finds the first 50p coin !

Earlier in the day, Tiff had already found 3p. A big 99p day (23 coins)


Tiff’s first pound coin !

Tiff finds her first pound coin near her work. She dances with excitement !
It was one of those, “is it?” moments. It was.

Later that day on a long walk, I find 8p (5p of which was found at Tiff’s yard toilet). Toilet money strikes again !

Bike Ride

Today I went out on a nice bike ride in order to increase the amount in our Road Gold coffers. Good news is that I succeeded.

On a nice six mile ride, I found 18p (8 coins). Broken down as 4 pennies, 2 two pence pieces and 2 five pence pieces.

Exercise and free money – you can’t beat that. 😉