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September 2015 Results

The results for September are in :

29 English coins found, totalling £0.70
Plus 3 foreign coins

7 English coins found, totalling £1.53

Between us £2.23.

A small monetary amount unfortunately and we didn’t beat last years September results, but hey-ho.


I feel like Dancing yeah, Moneying, yeah !

So tonight I had to take my Mum to her dance class, so I parked up and set out to walk the virgin ground.

I headed out on a potential hour long walk and I’d only walked about 100 yards when my first opportunity came, a telephone box. There was nothing in the coin return but a cheeky 2p adorned the concreted floor. This walk was already a winner.

Around the corner and onto Tuffley Avenue and there was a penny. Typical it came just as someone was walking by me, that’s always embarrassing.

I turned left onto Podsmead Road and headed towards Crypt. On that roundabout, I scooped up a 5p and a 2p.
Now onto Tuffley Lane – a further 5p and a final tuppence were collected here.

17p to the good, I headed back to Mum and we went home. I don’t know who had the better work out ! 😉


Tiff’s first pound !

Today I received 2 facebook messages from Tiff. When we find money when we’re not together, we message each other with “MONEY” followed by how much we found and where.

The first message was a proud, yeah I just found a penny walking Nibs down the lane. Nice.

A few hours later, the second message came through. Tiff found a £1 on the floor at a shop. Quality findage.

She could have had a hat-trick of MONEY messages, but she never did even though she found a third coin, this time a 5p.


Money Road : Mud Money

Another decent evening tonight, weather wise and so I took Nibs out for a nice long walk. We naturally found ourselves gravitating towards Money Road. Nibs is spending more time off lead now and that’s quality.

Anyhow, we reach Money Road and Nibs went free. The Road was as clear as it was last time we visited so I decided to check the periphery.

At the point where the road met the mud (where they haven’t continued building) I saw a couple of pennies that had clearly been there a while. Bonus ! Money Road still supplying. It’s electrifying !

I moved a bit further along the road and walking along the pavement, I saw something on the mud alongside. This is what I found….


Well I found 7 pennies and three 2 penny pieces on that mud patch. Hoard alert !

Later on, Nibs found a shoe and went all grabby and bitey on it.


I then found a further 5p and 2p whilst he was doing his shoe thing.

In total, 10 pennies, 4 2p’s and a 5p. It keeps on giving.


We’ll come back

Yesterday we took a long walk around the area – over 2 hours walking.
Well, we didn’t find any money until late in the walk and then it wasn’t obtainable as it was behind a tall locked gate out of arms reach. It looked like Ghost would receive his 2nd coin of the day, adding to the non-obtainable penny I saw in Tesco earlier.

A plan was formed.

So, on to today, Tiff got a magnetic whip from her yard and off we went towards that elusive 5p. Not far from my house I found a penny hiding by a little dirt mound, the coin Gods were smiling.

We get to the gate and then here’s what happened.


The coin snapped satisfyingly against the whip and she was 5p up. Ghost was upset :)
Either way, it was the first coin to be obtained with the assistance of a tool.

We carried on our walk and about 10 minutes later, the snap of coin against magnetic whip was heard for the 2nd time as she collected a 2p. Handily at the same time, I also shouted MONEY as I found a 1p just yards away.

Day ended, Road Gold of 9p collected.