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Today was an odd day for the money game. But in a good way.

Tiff and I set out on a walk, as we often do, to find some money. We went to see my Dad for Father’s Day and on the way back we headed towards Tesco to get some money from the ATM.

Walking up Hucclecote Road towards Brockworth, I stopped with the obligatory “MONEY”, where I found 20p in the gutter. It was a bit scratched, but a 20p nonetheless. Randomly enough, further up the road, I found another 20p. Then, walking towards Tesco on the paved area, I found a 5p. That was quality enough. Home we went.

Later on, we went back up to Tesco to do the weekly shopping, inside, I found another 20p and then another 5p.

Silvers !!!!!!!!


Pound to be !

The day started off well with Tiff ringing me from her car to tell me of her good news. At the Esso petrol station near Haddon, she scooped a cheeky penny. Win.

When she got home, she went for a run with Nibs and found a 5p not far from the house. Win #2.

Shortly after she got back, we went to Tesco for our weekly shop and there she found her third coin. A 2p in the squash aisle. She was buzzing.
Then came the kicker, we hit the freezer aisle and there I found a pound coin. Boom !

Ending the day with the obligatory Nibs walk, I found a nice 2p in an empty car parking space. Quality.


The Day that keeps on giving

Following on from our earlier success at Money Road, we head to Tesco as Tiff wants to buy a new watch.

As we move to stand in line at the self checkouts, I spot a 5p behind one of the checkouts. So we queue up and hope that that checkout becomes free which will make for an easier pick up of the coin. Unfortunately for us, the manager of the area guided us to the tobacco checkout. Bummer.

Anyhow, Tiff pays and we head back into the store to look at other things. So back we go to the checkout area and there, the line clears and I head towards that glorious 5p. It’s mine !

Outside, we do a peripheral check of the car park and I find a further 2p and Tiff grabs a penny from near the car wash area.
Heading out from Tesco and back towards home, Tiff finds yet another £1 coin.


Later on, we take Nibs on his final plop walk and I discover a 2p and a 5p.
Massive day.



Surprising 2p

Shopping day ! We headed up to Tesco and amazingly, the car park was nigh on empty. A nice change considering just before Christmas it was mental packed !

Anyhow, we cross the car park towards the entrance and a gleam catches my eye. The famous call of “Money” rings out and I stoop to pick up what I believe is a nice shiny 2p. Yet the feel is much thicker. It was a pound ! Our 8th pound of this year’s game.

To cap off that impressive find, I found a 5p at the self checkouts too.



So it’s dark, wet and windy. Not great money game weather. So you have to venture indoors to receive your bounty.

In to Tesco we went to do our weekly shopping(s). I found a tasty little 5p by the pick’n’mix section and Tiff grabbed a cheeky 5p from under someone’s feet at the self checkouts.

Later on we went out on Nibs’ late night plop-walk. And he did 2 wicked ones for those who are interested. Anyhow, nearly at the end and back at my house, I see a circle glinting at me underneath the glow of a streetlight and there sat a lonesome penny. He went straight in the pocket and money of an evening came back into the game.

About 20 paces later, I saw another circular glint, leaned down and saw it was a tuppence. Then, right next to it, half buried under grit, came another 2p.
Another 5p added to the 2 from earlier !

Where there’s grit, there’s gold.


Our Adventure 2014-2015 : Go Ape !

With our £84.02 for the year, we booked adventures with Go Ape in the Forest of Dean.

We added the Tree Top adventure and the Segway riding. Whilst £84.02 wasn’t enough to cover the whole cost of both, it did pay for all of the Tree Top Adventure and some of the Segway riding.

Getting there pretty much bang on time, despite traffic diversions due to road closures and having to rush back home for forgotten items, we stopped for a “nature” break. And wouldn’t you know it, right outside the loo was a shiny penny ! An omen of good things.

We checked in for Segway Riding, read the multitude of cards of safety cards for the Segway riding, including the fantastic “risk of fatal injury” statements, the signed our waivers. After a little wait, we headed into the “training” area where we awaited our chariots.



Segways they say are easy to ride, I found it quite challenging to begin with as I was overcompensating too much and leaning too far backwards and forwards quickly. This is why I’ve never been good at skateboarding. Tiff on the other hand was relaxing into it and becoming a stable genius.

After a short briefing and training ride, we headed out along one of the forest paths. Off we went at blistering pace. Ok, so maybe 7 miles an hour isn’t blistering, but when you’re weirdly standing up and just leaning to give you momentum and direction, it seems fairly fast.

A few minutes of riding later, we stopped and that’s where the beasts were unleashed. Unbridled power was released as the Segways were turned up to 10 miles an hour. Hardcore mode 😉
As before, we headed along more forest trails, riding rather bumpily along, allowing your knees to be the suspension and on one hill, my Segway lost power as I came to a halt. Only it hadn’t. I was just a gimp and apparently not leaning forward enough, thus making it stop.

Carrying on, we reached the halfway point and it was time for photos. This is us in all our blurry Segway Glory….


Now that we were a little more relaxed (meaning me) on the Segways it was full speed trailing back to the cabin, across various trails, small obstacles and even a 10 foot ramp into the air over a pond*

* that bit isn’t true.

Arriving back, we both enjoyed ourselves immensely – thanks Road Gold !

After a break for a picnic lunch (which was lush by the way, and yes if you must know, we had cheese and egg mini rolls – with Tiff taking the Branston pickle add-on option and I, HP sauce) we headed over to the Tree Top adventure.

Again, signing the risk of death forms, we entered our briefing and for those not ever having participated in any sort of harness/climbing activity it sounded a bit daunting. The staff were great however and following a few training obstacles/scenarios, we headed over to Stage 1.

Stage 1 consisted of a rope ladder to the first platform where you crossed a mismatch slat bridge, then onto a rope swing into a cargo net. Tiff went first.


Let’s be honest, to begin with, the whole scenario is very daunting, making sure you are following the safety guidelines and putting the correct connection together and in the right order. But after a few goes at that, it all becomes rather second nature. What isn’t second nature is seeing yourself high above the ground, staring into the abyss and wondering how on Earth you allowed yourself to do this, for fun !
But I exaggerate, it was challenging but exhilerating.

After a long delay on Stage 1 owing to the party in front of us being slow, we were ready for our first zip-wire experience.



By Stage 2 we were more used to being up high and started to relax and thus enjoy the challenge more. Here’s an example of getting up to the first platform of a stage.


At the end of stage 2 we were asked if we wished to bypass Stage 3 and head straight on over to Stage 4 as there was still a delay with the slower ones in front of us. We had the option of the easier or more difficult route and we chose the difficult route. There were some that were extremely challenging. Especially one where you had a small upturned logs facing vertically and those were your stepping stones. Imagine a piece around 15cm squared, that was your one foot step. I have no photos of these crossings as to be honest, I was more interested in concentrating on not falling rather than being the photographer. Stage 4 ended with another quality zip wire.



I ended all of my zip wire experiences backwards, with an ass full of bark chippings.

Stage 5, I didn’t feel was as tough as Stage 4 but it had some great bits in it. This cheeky little tunnel was fun, but hard on the knees.


Here’s Tiff on a mini-zip wire in the middle of Stage 5.


The last obstacle on Stage 5 was the 180 metre long zipe wire.
Here’s a video of me coming down.

Following on from this we headed back to Stage 3 and awaited our turn to tackle what it had in store for us.
The first one, this tasty little rope and board bridge – tame compared to a lot of the others as the boards were stiff and easy to traverse.


Next up though, were the beasts as once again we chose the hard route. The hard one for me were horse stirrups suspended on ropes. Moving from one then grabbing the next rope and putting your other foot in. I found this the hardest physically to do as I had rather wide and bobbly shoes on, which while gave great grip for all obstacles, on these they were a hindrance as it was very hard to remove them from the stirrups when it came time to reach for the next one. That was hard. Tiff however did it like a pro, she’s used to stirrups.

Then came this…..a relatively easy crossing but still shows you how high we were.

As with all stages, they end with a zip wire and so here’s Tiff showing how to land like a pro. Let’s face it, she was great at Go Ape.

As we finished, we were asked if we’d like to do Stage 5 again seeing as we were moved out of order earlier on. We jumped at the chance and headed on up.
We went through the tunnel backwards and as I went first this time, I could take a nice video of the middle rope jump swing thingy. Here’s Tiff…..

And the for the final time, we zip-wired down…..




Overall :
A fantastic day and we both recommend Go Ape to everyone.

Road Gold may seem silly to some but it has given us lots of fun across the year and then a nice whack of joy and challenge at the end.

Oh and to top the day off, I find a 2p in Tesco car park and a 5p on our way back from a meal in the evening. :)



Tiff and I went out for an evening walk – the weather was on the tad cold side, but it was decent for a walk. We covered a fair whack of ground but no money anywhere, until, MONEY !

I spotted a tenner on the grass verge to my left – I picked it up, but alas no, it was another one of those printed napkin things !! BUGGERATION.


This was convincing because it wasn’t a big wad or sheet of them, like when Tiff found her £20 version. Never mind.

We carried on walking, ended up at Tesco’s car park, we scoured it but all I could find was an archive penny.


Putting your arm under !

Today was a strange but good money day.

During my normal weekly shop at Tescos, I scour the aisles whilst shopping, as per usual. Anyhow, I look under the cake shelf (through the grates) and I see a lonely 5p. I wait until the coast is clear (as in wait until no-one sees me looking like a right gimpy scav), then I bend right down and put my arm right under and drag that little blighter to my awaiting grubby hand !

Nice !

I carry on shopping, then on the way out, I spot a 2p (I think) underneath one of the self service checkout ends (it overhangs and leaves a gap of about 6 inches above the floor). I go to the car and load the shopping, thinking, “shall I” ? I decide no.

All evening the thought of leaving that coin was nagging at me, so I walked to my mate’s house to drop off the tripod he lent me, then aimed back on up to Tescos.

I walked back in there and on my way up to the choccy aisle I saw a penny at one of the self service tills – BONUS, I thought to myself. So I picked up a nice bag of Cadbury’s Crunchie rocks and headed for the checkout. There were people there, so I bided my time and hung around at the clearance section. As soon as I saw they’d finished I headed over – paid for the chocolate, picked up the penny and there’s another bonus. 2 pennies left in the coin return. Win.

Then over to where that 2p was. I went to the side, bent down and pretended to do my laces, waiting for the chap who was paying for his goods at that till to leave. He did so after a bit and then I grasped my opportunity. Arm under time again. Instead of pulling out 2p though, it was a nice shiny 20p !!


Need Piccies

On a walk up to Tescos to take extra pictures for this website and do a quick scour of the car park – I find 2 x 2p and 1 x 1p.
Walking back to the house I find another penny near to where I live.

Later on, Tiff and I walk up to Mum and Dad’s house – Tiff finds a penny on Kingscroft Road and I find 1p on the way back outside the Dinglewell Shops.

first pound

First Pound Coin of the year

On our way back from a long Nibs walk up Leckhampton Hill we stop into Tesco’s to pick up a wedding card for the evening do.
On our way out of Tesco’s I find a pound coin in the car park, just behind the mothers and toddlers spaces. Win !